Presented by Celestial Potion


This page serves as a form of gratitude towards everyone who helped me on this project. My indie game studio Celestial Potion is responsible for the majority of work. Everyone who helps me before te game is released (either with work or financially) will be added to the list of credits. That being said, here are some honorable mentions towards people I'm grateful to:

Illustration of the main character

The main character of this game is wonderfully drawn by Elisabetta Elefante, who works under the nickname "LovEly the Killer". She loves to draw anime-style characters to earn some money. Her portfolio can be viewed here.

Playtesting and feedback

An honorable mention to my wife Melissa and my sister Bernadette van Nus for playtesting my game and giving some valuable feedback.

Note: The game is not yet in a state to open playtesting to the public, so currently I let family members and friends playtest while I'm creating the game.