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Published on 24th June 2022

Writing the storyline

As you have noticed, there are not much updates about the game itself recently. This is because at this moment, I am busy writing the storyline. There's nothing in it I can write a blog about, because it's still in the outlining phase and everything is very prone to changes. Not to mention potential unintentional spoilers.

That being said, I make sure the story will be fun. It's an absolute blast to write it, and with helpful software aiding my writing journey, the process will go neat and organized. During the process, I will let multiple people audit the story to make sure it's consistent and enjoyable.

When I will go back to Unity to continue programming the game itself, I will continue posting updates. This will most likely happen when the story has progressed enough to the point that some elements are set in stone which allows me to tailor the game's levels, dialogue and other elements to match the story.

For now, thank you for reading my blogs so far, and if you have any suggestions or comments please leave a message using the contact form! I'm more than open to ideas!