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Published on 15th September 2023

Unity fiasco - Reprogramming the game elsewhere

Most of you have already read it as it is all over the news, but Unity's new pricing model is completely unfeasible to the point I'm forced to stop working in it. Among many other developers, my trust with Unity is completely broken and I won't work any longer on an engine with a grim future, shady CEO and a complete disrespect towards its developers.

To summarize the issue: They introduced a fee on a per-install basis, and apply it retroactively to older installs of the engine. The fact that they can just simply do this shows how risky it is to continue working with the engine, and how untrustworthy the company behind engine really is. I sympathize with every developer and Unity employee who fell victim to this.

While this is a gigantic blow and tremendously sets me back, rest assured: I will not give up. I've decided to look into Godot, start learning its native GDscript and start from there.

So what does this mean for the game?

Despite the obvious problems, there are a couple of silver linings. Let me summarize all positives and negatives:

The negatives:

The positives:

What is the new expected release date?

Unfortunately, it's way too early for me to give an estimate. I have to redo a LOT of work, and that simply takes years of additional time. I wish I could shed more information about this, but unfortunately I can't.

However, there is one thing you can be 100% sure of: I still love this project and I'm as determined as ever to make it work!

Will the game change?

Like mentioned earlier, changing game engine means new opportunities to improve the game's core mechanics. There will be many things that change for the better. Some decisions I've already made:

Looking forward

An initial grim event might lead to a better outcome down the line. I will continue working hard on this, and I'm weirdly motivated to really give this a blast!

Thank you for reading!