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Published on 10th March 2022

The challenges of developing a game

While developing a game is incredibly fun, it is also unforgivingly hard. Sometimes, unforseen events happen causing hinder to the progress. This is my situation for the past months, in which I would publicly state my sincere apologies for this.

Because I think it is good to talk about this, and for the sake of the project I want to stay transparent and keep everyone up to date, I will explain everything in this blog.

The situation

Since begin December last year, an event happened in my real life that really gave a hit on my mental well being. It's too private to publicly share the details, but I have been under a heavy amount of stress for a prolonged period of time, had a lot of sleepless nights, and couldn't function properly. To add to that, covid hit us too for a couple of weeks.

Then there's the fact that I got burned out by the sheer amount of work I still have to do. There is so much a person can take. As a result, the development of this game completely paused for a long period of time.

Going forward

Now I'm not a person to give up so easily. This is my life project, and because my mental well being is slowly getting better, I plan to pick it up again and continue working on it.

To reduce the amount of work, as well as to improve the game's simplicity, I am planning to simplify the game's mechanics a little which will mutually benefit both the developer and the player. More details on this will follow later on in future blogs.

Thank you all for your understanding, and have a lovely day!