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Published on 16th September 2021

September update

It has been long ago since I posted an update about the project. During this time, I fully focused on game development and kept the website on the backburner. Nevertheless, I have done a lot of work again and the game made a lot of progress!

Improved tileset

As I continue working on the game, I gradually become better at the artwork. Thanks to a feedback I got in the Unity discord, I decided to change the sand tiles for the Beach level, and to great success!

Compare these two screenshots (old vs new) and you will immediately see the difference:

If you focus on the sand tiles, you see I drastically decreased the saturation, increased the lightness, and added some waves for texture. Additionally, the background tiles became much more less saturated, darker and brown-ish coloured.

Overall, I think the aestethics look a lot better!

Inventory and Amulet screen

The player can now pick up items and store it into her inventory. I've created an inventory system, which allows you to see and manage the items you've found in the game so far. Secondly, I've also added the first blueprints of the screen that lets you customize your amulet:

Basically, the amulet is an important relic during your adventure. It provides you your magical powers, and it's highly customizable by placing various kinds of gemstones in it.

During the game, you will find various types and qualities of gemstones, which you can equip into your amulet. The large gemstone in the middle of the amulet contains powerful magic that can extract magical powers from the other gemstones you've equipped, granting you the ability to cast spells based on the type of gemstones you've equipped.

As a player, you have to make a tactical choice which kind of gemstones you put into your amulet. Each gemstone contains a spell, which if equipped can be cast by you. Additionally, gemstones give bonuses to various stats, empowering you even more. The type (color) of the gemstone itself also plays an important role, as some spells gain bonuses based on the amount of specific type of gemstones you've equipped.

You have the choice how to build yourself. What kind of spells do you want to cast? What will be your strengths? Do you want to focus on versatility or power? It's all up to you and what you find in the game!


The game now features a statistics screen, allowing you to see the character's stats:

This screen is still unfinished; more stats and info will be placed here as the game matures. The stats you see on top of this screenshot are (from top to bottom): Health, Mana, Stars (I will explain this later), Level and experience. Now, let's explain the six stats you see on the bottom:

Visible damage numbers

Added a visual that lets you see how much damage you deal each time you hit an enemy. Additionally, it also shows whether you miss an attack or land a critical hit.


Website improvements

Small quality of life changes to the website makes it look a little better. I've updated the header photo and used a much nicer font.

Keep in mind that this website is currently quickly mashed together, and I intend to design a completely new website as soon as the game is close to being released, and when I have more artwork available.

Behind the screens

Of course, a lot of code improvements and bugfixes also happened. But these are always difficult to put into a blog, because it quickly becomes technical. I've started to make the game translatable (currently still just in English), but it's very challenging for some languages because I currently use a self-made font which doesn't support all the special characters used in different languages yet. Especially for Asian languages, this will be a near-impossible task to do. I am still thinking for a good solution here. Until then, the game will only be available in English.

End note

Overall, I think I am really happy with the improvements and changes so far! While I'm quite behind schedule in terms of time (a lot of unforseen difficulties came on the path, and will probably come in the future), The game is improving greatly, and I am happy to say that the future is looking bright!

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any tips, suggestions or wishes, please don't hesitate to fill in the contact form on the contact page so I can take it into account while developing the game.