Presented by Celestial Potion
Published on 3rd November 2021

Inventory, Ladders and Secret area's

The game never stands still! I've made a lot of progress again! Most things happen behind the scenes and too complicated to put in a blog, but I would like to show the following things:

Inventory system

Monsters can now drop loot, and a new inventory system allows storage of those items. Some of those items can be equipped into the player's amulet, but I'll go more into depth about this later.


It's now possible to climb up and down using ladders in the game. This increases the diversity of platforming, and makes it easier to reach high platforms without frantically jumping around platform for platform. Additionally, this allows me to add vines, ladders, stairs, etc in the game.

Secret area's

The game now contains a lot of hidden zones to explore! It pays off to try out each wall, floor and ceiling in an attempt to uncover a secret passage to extra items or even hidden area's!

Of course, secrets are always optional related to the main storyline. While having secrets is nice, none of them are necessary to finish the game by normal means.

I hope to encourage exploration and make players excited whenever they manage to find a secret!