Presented by Celestial Potion
Published on 19th July 2022

A big thanks to my artists and composers

There are incredibly talented people in this world. It is a privilege to have some of them use their skills to create amazing content for this game! With this blog, I want to publicly thank everyone who participated in this!


First of all, the image for this blog is beautifully drawn by Hoàng Cù. This will be the artwork used for the main menu of the game, as well as an eventual new website I am planning to design somewhere in the future once the game is in a further stage of development. Featured within this image is Arisa, the game's main protagonist, relaxing on a tree log with a fairy which will play a major role in the storyline.

The following artwork is beautifully drawn by Hikaru Matsui (left) and Elisabetta Elefante (right), respectively:


While I cannot show you the work done by the music composers I've commissioned, I also want to show gratitude towards Joaquin Garza and Reginald Ashman for their contribution. They both created soundtrack(s) you'll hear back in one of the levels within the game.


Everyone who contributes will see their name added in the credits screen, which will be displayed on the website aswell as ingame when the player finishes the main storyline. While paid work is limited and only when I have the money available, voluntary contributions are always more than welcome.

If you wish to contribute, please contact me so we can work something out. Please note that while all contributions will get a honorable mention on the future new website, only a select amount of contributions will make it into the game based on quality.

Anyways, to everyone who contributed so far: THANK YOU!