Presented by Celestial Potion
Published on 17th October 2020

A short update

You probably noticed my last blog was nearly two months ago, but behind the curtains I've been working steadily. My current focus is in practicing to acquire the new skills required for this project, starting with artwork.

Drawing the artwork

I'm currently spending all my time towards learning how to draw. Recently, I got a brand new drawing tablet with the intention of creating artwork for the game. The artwork will be used for dialogue, loading screens, and eventually the website.

Before I can create the functionality to let the player transform, I first have to design some nice outfits that fit the transformation type. Because the player can transform into different forms, multiple outfits must be designed. This will take some time, but as soon as I finished the first piece of artwork I'm satisfied with, I will post it here.

Story outline

The second thing I'm working on is a great storyline for the game. A good story needs thorough planning and thinking. While the baseline for the story is already laid out, the majority of the story still has to be written. And when done, it needs curation from a professional English speaker to correct any grammatical- and spelling mistakes.

The story is probably one of the most crucial steps into making the game enjoyable and memorable to play, so much time will be invested into this.

World map

To get a better sense of the world you're playing in, I've made a quick design of the world map. For now, it's just a rough idea but I will fill in more details as the story progresses. Most playable levels are located somewhere within this map.