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Published on 8th December 2022

A short status update

You probably noticed I haven't blogged in a while. That's because there is not a lot I can show right now; I don't want to spoil anything related to the storyline, and in addition to working on the story I am currently working on a self made tool that allows me to create NPC's in a much easier way than normal, instead of making everyone one by one from scratch.

Every NPC needs at the very least an idle animation, with most also having a movement animation. Some have even more than that. Imagine all the pixel art that must be made if everything has to be created manually! So to make the process easier for myself, I am working on a character creation tool that allows me to set some parameters and generate the npc. Depending on the NPC, this covers a huge percentage of initial work, giving me more time to design plenty of NPC's for the game!

About the game itself, I created more abilities for the player and did a lot of reorganizing and bugfixing.

I had a small burnout period due to issues within my personal life, but rest assured I will soon work hard again to continue breathing life in this game!

If you have any questions, ideas or would like to contribute something (music, sound, artworks, etc) please don't hesitate to contact me!