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Amitania is a 2D platformer game wherein you go on an adventure as a magical girl. You can overcome tough enemies by transforming yourself to cast various spells. The name Amitania refers to a hidden island continent, wherein the majority of the storyline takes place.

The game is currently in early development, created by the indie game studio Celestial Potion. To keep track of its progress, you can read my blogs.



The game will be fully created in English. If time allows it, I might add in some translations.


Initially, I will build the game for the PC and release it on Steam when done. Afterwards, I'm looking to get it working on consoles (Switch being the first one).

Release date

Currently, it's far too early to estimate a release date. The majority of work still has to be done. I expect the game to be done around the year 2023-2024, but this is nothing more than a rough estimation. That being said, I'm working on it every single day to make sure you can play it when it is released.

Tip: Don't miss the release day! I plan to do a heavy discount the day it is released, so if you're quick you can get this game extremely cheap! At the top of this page, you can subscribe your e-mail address to our mailing list so we can notify you when the game is about to be released.